Canada are grabbing hold of the most convenient and functional aspects of smartphones as well as key use for entertainment and communication. Mobile energy monitoring and management apps promise to help reduce energy use by allowing you to monitor your consumption, they let you to control devices remotely. These apps take the cake when it comes to what smartphone users in Canada need to run their day.  Here are some utility apps in Canada, ranging from the simple to the esoteric, that should help you get more practical utility out of your Android smartphone or tablet. 

Top utility mobile apps Canada

1. Kill-O-Watts 

                             This is an iphone app helps to calculate the energu use and predict bills. We can caculate the energy power consumption of several devices using this app. We can also specify how many hours a day each device is used and we can easily enter the utility’s rates. 

2. Waze

                        Waze is a GPS-based navigation app for your phone that provides accurate travel times, route details, construction notices, hazards and more. It’s like Google Maps but on steroids and the key with Waze is that it’s community-driven, which means users provide route and traffic information.

3. Global Positioning System (GPS)

                         Global Positioning System (GPS) is an app for tracking the location for iOS for iPhone and iPad. Instead of carrying around an extra device, use this software to turn your phone into a complete GPS. 

4. Dolphin

                     Dolphin is a browser app that delivers an excellent user experience on Android, almost making to forget that you're on a mobile device. It supports tight integration with services like Evernote and LastPass, as well as robust settings. It's main feature is gestures and is also integrated ad-blocking and support for Flash. 

5. Dashcam

                       Dashcam app is a type of gashboard camera used in smartphones. This app is most available for both Android and ios. The app will help you to fight unjust tickets, insurance fraud, and provide data in case of an accident because, it's black box that stores video and related information of your driving. It has the features includingVideo recording, Route tracking, Speed and Average Speed Tracking, Distance Tracking, etc.

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